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Birthdate:Feb 2
Location:Tampa, Florida, United States of America
My name is Erin, I'm a nerd.
Here are some facts about me:

- I’m dfab genderfluid, with preferred pronouns being she/her or they/them. it doesn’t really bother me.
- I’m panromantic polysexual, and monogamous. I am only interested in cis females, dfab nonbinary folk, post-op transwomen and pre-op transmen. Basically anyone without a penis. I also only date one person at a time– polyamory just isn’t for me.
- I live in FL, USA.
- I was born in Scotland.
- I’m 19, and my birthday is February 2nd.
- I am currently attending university and majoring in Game Design/Art.
- My personality type is ENFP
- Religiously, I identify as spiritual, but I don’t like organized worship.
- I used to be a part of a sub-group of the hactivist movement Anonymous. I don’t do that shit anymore but if you wanna learn how to DDOS and write malicious code, I’m your guy.
- I used to be on a professional gaming team, but right now I’m rogue.
- My Gamertag on XBL is Psydius. Feel free to add me.
- My summoner’s name is Gypsiri. Feel free to add me.
- My Steam name is Gypsirii. Feel free to add me.
- My snapchat is Leviraviolli. You know the drill.
- My pen name on AO3 is Gyps. I don’t really post much, though.

I have many interests but the major ones are:

- Gaming (MLG and Recreationally)
- Anime
- Cosplay
- Singing/Songwriting and music in general
- Dancing
- Writing
- Travelling
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